What do you get in the 30 Day Challenge?

TILT Foundations eBook

The ultimate guide to The Foundations of TBO. Colorful, animated, with detailed instructions.

Videos On Demand

A 30-day membership to TILT’s VOD subscription. Streaming video from any device whenever you want.

5 Weekly LIVE 1-hr Classes

Live online classes with Oriana every Sunday. Includes: Intention, Warm-Up, Muscle Work, Flexibility Training, and Visualization.

TILT Tribe Facebook Membership

A safe space of like-minded people. Learn tips & tricks with the support & accountability of new friends.


The Foundations of TILT by Oriana

The TILT Challenge is a 30 day online fitness program that will teach you The Foundations of TILT by Oriana.


  • 1 LIVE 1-Hour online class every Sunday (5 total) that includes:
    -Warm Up
    -Muscle Work
    -Flexibility Training
    -Visualization and Relaxation
  • The never-seen-before TILT Foundations eBook detailing all the moves with gifs and text.
  • A 30-Day calendar outlining the videos to work with each day, according to your fitness level. Practice TILT 20 to 60 minutes a day depending on your goals.
  • Membership to the TILT Tribe Facebook Accountability group that includes:
    – Diet tips
    – Q & A with Oriana
    – A like-minded group of people in a safe space to learn and grow
  • What you will achieve:
    At the lowest intensity and time commitment you will earn improved posture, reduce aches and pains, a fitness practice for life with NO PLATEAU that improves your SEXUAL PERFORMANCE!


As you commit to a higher intensity and/or more time per day, you will:

  • Carve inches off your waist and hips.
  • Tone your stabilizer muscles, which help improve posture, performance in all activities, and shapes your body like Spanx or a girdle – but naked!
  • Become more flexible, especially in shoulders and hips.

After 30 days you will continue on with the VOD subscription and stay in the #TILTtribe. You won’t need me anymore, but are welcome to continue your progress with another challenge, online personal training, or online small group classes.


  • A device to watch video that has a webcam.
  • A heavy piece of furniture or the kitchen sink as your barre.
  • A long mirror to work in front of.
  • A mat or carpeting for floor work.

There is NO

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Weights
  • Excessive reps
  • Diet restriction

Just follow the program!

For those of you babes on a budget, you can follow along with the Video-On-Demand (VOD) subscription only for $11.11 per month, cancel anytime.
TILT VOD Subscription – click here.

There you’ll find videos for FREE, rentals, downloads, and $11.11 monthly all-access.

There’s something for EVERYBODY!! #TILTtribe

Follow the program and in 10 days you’ll notice results and in 20 days, so will everybody else. In 30 days you’ll have improved posture, shape, and a fitness program for life – there’s no plateau! Improve your sexual performance and your life performance!

Be your own Valentine this February and do something for yourself that will pay dividends! Attached? Bring your partner along and get fit, flexible, and toned from the inside out – together!

Sign up now for the February #TILTisforLovers 30-Day Challenge! Save 20% when you sign up in January.

Challenge starts 2/12/17 – admission closes 2/7/17.

Price goes up to $99 on 2/1/17.



Join the #TILTtribe in creating a personal daily fitness practice that can be done anywhere at anytime, with no plateau and amazing side effects. The February #TILTisforLovers 30-Day Challenge is booking now – show your body some LOVE!

It’s $79 until 2/1/17 and $99  until the sign-up list closes 2/7/17.


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